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Meet our client: a renowned rehabilitation center in the heart of Florida. Despite having an established online presence, they faced a digital dilemma. While genuine and personal, their content needed a more strategic foundation and direction. Moreover, the website was fraught with duplicate content, causing it to lose its SEO footing and, consequently, traffic and keyword rankings. 📉 

Their goal was clear: reignite their digital presence, recover lost traffic, and regain their standing in keyword rankings. With our expertise and a shared vision for success, our journey began.

Our Approach

Our first step was to get a bird’s-eye view of the situation: we began with a thorough SEO audit of the website. This was crucial in uncovering technical and content-related SEO issues hindering performance. We meticulously analyzed over 500 blog posts to identify valuable content and articles that needed condensing or updating and to eliminate duplicate content.

The findings from our audit formed the groundwork of our SEO strategy. We then developed a tailored on-page SEO strategy to optimize existing content and a forward-thinking blogging strategy to generate fresh, targeted content in the future.

These strategies weren’t set into motion until all the initial issues identified during the audit were properly addressed and corrected, ensuring we had a strong and optimized foundation to build upon.

What We Did

Before anything, we looked at the data. We leveraged SEMRush to dive deeply into the website’s technical SEO health. This analysis guided us to fix the array of issues we encountered systematically. Our skilled SEO team, alongside dedicated writers and developers, painstakingly worked to bring the website to zero errors, ensuring an optimal technical foundation.

We shifted our focus to the blog. We restructured the blog categories to enhance the site architecture. Our team embarked on a comprehensive revision process: rewriting existing content, editing, and producing new articles. This entailed sourcing fresh imagery.

Finally, we fine-tuned the site’s sitemap. This meant updating existing pages, services, and calls-to-action (CTAs) to ensure that every site facet was optimized for maximum SEO performance. We meticulously created a seamless user experience, helping visitors and search engine crawlers.

The Results

The fruits of our labor became apparent after our intensive 3-6 months engagement with the client. With our team’s dedicated hands-on approach, we witnessed an impressive turnaround in the website’s performance.

51% Increase in Organic Traffic

Our data-driven strategy focused on optimizing existing content. By honing in on this aspect, we fueled a significant surge in organic traffic. The resulting 51% increase saw the website’s annual visitation numbers climb from 11,009 to 16,636. This reflects substantial reach and engagement.

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78% Increase in Organic Keywords

To optimize organic keywords, our team invested time and expertise into thorough keyword research. We aimed to identify and implement top-value keywords, and this process contributed to a substantial 78% growth in keyword count, surging from 16,177 to a robust 28,754 year over year.

50% Increase in Top 3 Keywords

Furthermore, our strategic approach doubled the top 3 keywords from 200 to 473, significantly improving the website’s ranking and visibility in search results. As part of our strategy to increase non-branded traffic, we focused on keywords highly relevant to our buyer personas and potential clients. 

Developing a complete library of resources based on these keywords could drive a 5% uplift in non-branded traffic. This shift not only resulted in a slight increase in the organic cost but, more importantly, it signified that we reached a broader audience beyond the existing customer base.

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